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Newsletter July

Your new home awaits you

We are excited to announce that Hi Five has opened The Hub, the New Residential Respite Houses. If you are looking for a place to relax and have your own personal space in serenity, this is the best place to be.

The Hub is composed of 2 brand new respite houses with total of 9 purpose built and thoughtfully designed studios and 2 of which are wheelchair accessible. The Hub is nestled on a quiet street yet close enough to the Werribee CBD where you'll find an array of local restaurants, shops, cafes & public transport.

Our residents will surely have an amazing experience with some studios offering private balconies or spacious low maintenance backyards to give them opportunity to enjoy a lovely sunny day.

Practice your independence and social skills in a safe place, the Hub is designed with you in mind.

What is the experience look like when you are at the Hub? It will be a place you can call your home. The Hub offers a communal kitchen and shared laundry facilities for everyone to use and make opportunity to catch up with others. It boasts each 9 studios features with its state of the art designs with laminated timber flooring, Open plan design, Kitchenette, Reverse cycle heating/cooling, Beautifully appointed bathroom and Built in double fitted robes.

We would like to have you visit and realise how The Hub will be your next home. Please contact us at 1300 492 214 info@hifive.org.au .

Choo-Choo Train Adventure

Going out and about with Anastasia. Social Skills Success story.

Anastasia is a young and vibrant 13 years old who is ready to enjoy life and step towards her independence. She has been with Hi Five for sometime now and has been given support in her speech and social skills. Just recently, we see Anastasia took a big leap towards her social skills goals going out and about with her support worker and friend Julie and Andrea. She did a great job on her first train ride and even independently tapping on and off with her Myki card. She beautifully executed safety measures, looking out for cars before crossing the streets.

More with a big smile, Anastasia braved herself and got to order for her lunch, pay for it and ask for a receipt. Such a great achievement !

It has been a lovely experience for Anastasia where she get to laugh and had lots of fun.

I loved my first train ride. I was careful to look for cars when crossing streets. I learnt how to tap in and tap off. I got to order of my lunch, pay for it and ask for the receipt. I talked, laughed and had a lot of fun with Julie and Andrea.

Working Mums

HI FIVE FAMILY IS GROWING with 2 new addition to our team this August 2022, Joenitha Karyee and Princess Afuang. Joenitha and Princess are both mums and each of them have 3 beautiful children.

As mums, they are often masters of prioritization, multi-tasking and communication. They are incredibly resilient and adaptable, great at dealing with distractions and know what it takes to juggle multiple demands. Most especially, they know how to have fun! 

We asked Joenitha

What de you love to do? Over the weekends, I love family time and going to church with my family every Sunday.

In life, what do you believe in ? If you can dream it, you can do it.

What Keeps you motivated ? God, My kids, Meditation and music keeps me going during tough days.

We asked Princess

What do you love to do? I love watching movies with the family and gather all the relatives for a big feast during the weekends.

In life, what do you believe in? Life is short so Share Love, Laugh a little bit more and Live life to the fullest.

What keeps you motivated ? Believing that God has the best plan for me and my family.

At Hi Five, we celebrate diversity and we support our team in whatever life journey they are in. So cheers to our new working mums, Joenitha and Princess.

Five stress buster at work

1 Have a Game plan

Having too many things to do may cause you to become overwhelmed and stressed. Help yourself and plan ahead. Identify the important and urgent things first. Learn to prioritise. Highlight the tasks you need to get done first and leave the other ones for later.

2 Practice Me Time

You may have heard a Work Life Balance keeps you motivated at work. Don't let work be the only reason you live for. Spend some time with your family and friends, start reading a new book or listen to your favourite music. When you are focused too much on working, you forget there's more life around you. Also, take some time off. Get away for the weekend and plan some adventures. It is important you keep your mind entertained and have a break from work to recharge your batteries. And please don't forget to get enough sleep !

3 Exercise and Eat

Don't make the excuse 'I don't have time to eat properly'. Your diet is very important for your health and it can really make a difference on your stress levels. Eating more nutritious food will give you the energy you need to face the day. Do small breaks and go for a walk, get fresh air and get refreshed. A little stretching and short walks goes a long way. it will help sharpen focus and increase your energy levels.

4 Ask for help

We all try to fing perfection when it comes to works, but sometimes we also need to understand we can't do everything by ourselves. Let go of the desire to control everything. Ask for someone help if you have too many tasks to deliver and avoid unrealistic deadlines. And if your work dealing with other people and their situation is mentally affecting you too much, don't be afraid to give it away. Probably someone else will be able to freshly face their case with another perspective. And you won't help your patients but also yourself.

5 Share your thought

You are not alone. If you feel stress creeping in, let people know. Talk to your supervisor and tell them why you are feeling like this. Together, come up with a solution and make the situation better.

Newsletter September

Living Life to the Fullest

This is how we can see the life of 3acqueiine, full of energy and positive outlook from childhood to her professional years. 3acqueiine has ups and downs in life but she was abie to press on and never give up.

Living independentiy on her own, with emotionai support from her famiiy, friendship from her iocai church community and the NDiS assistance from Hi Five support workers, 3acqueiine is abie to enjoy the simpie joys in iife.

Jacqueiine also is a social media personality specifically Facebook with lots of friends online and is sawy when it comes on surfing the net, reading forums and contributing to them. 3ust recently, she was guest speaker in a local church, and with confidence, she presented her life story and inspired a lot of people in the congregation. Talk about confidence! Not everyone can speak in front of people! Well done to Jacqueiine!

Jacqueiine Hamiiton is paving her way in independent iiving. Cooking is very ciose to her heart and with the support provided by Hi Five Support Worker and friends, 3acqueiine can create meais from scratch!

Here’s 3acqueiine prepping a Lasagna to enjoy with her support worker and friend.

Jacqueiine wouid iike to share her infamous iasagna to everyone. So here it goes.

Ingredients: 1 brown onion - diced, preferred minced meat, green and red capsicum — diced, veggies (mushrooms, pasta sauce, grated carrots, broccoii and corn , 1 pasta , sauce (with fiavors iike onion or add gariic in yourseif)

Cooking instructions: Heat up the oil, fry oP minced meat, when it is  brown, add the veggies, add the sauce, simmer untii cooked. To make a white sauce, use your favorite cheese, butter, miik, and fiour.

Construct iasagna with pasta sheets, white sauce and mince mixture aiternating. Bake!

A conversation could change a life.

This month of September, Hi Five is la king pa rt of the R U OK day. It is our National Day of Action when we remind Australians that every day is the day to ask ’a re you ok?’ and sta rt a meaningfu I conversation whenever they spot the signs that someone they ca re a bout might be struggling with Iife.

A place where asking the question “Are you ok?" can really work is in the    workplace. As employers or staff, we can all create a cu Iture where people feel confident asking and answering this simple yet important question. Besides our legal responsibility of providing a safe and    healthy workplace, these conversations can make a real difference to staff going th rough a tough time.


R U OK? has developed four conversation steps to give you the skills and confidence to navigate a conversation with someone you're worried a bout.

Tip on Self Care

When going gets tough, the tough gets going.

Talk to someone

We a re not superhuman. We need others too. When going gets tough, talk to someone. Sha re how you feel, what you a re thinking or anything that bothers you.

Sometimes, telling someone how we feel can be difficuIt or challenging. For Some people, they find it easier to write their thoughts down. So, try to keep a journal.

Keep moving and eat healthy

Developing a healthy lifestyle helps you have a positive outlook in Iife. Feeling good physically makes you feel good mentally as well. 15 minuted of walking a day makes a big impact on your physical health.

Enough Sleepzzzzzz

A good 8 hours sleep not onIy helps your body recover from a day’s work, it also helps you to be more resilient to things that you may face during the day.

There a re lots of self-ca re strategies may help you in managing mental health symptoms and developing effective coping strategies that a re suita ble for your lifestyle.

If these a ren't working, or if you're experiencing overwhelming anxiety or depression, talk to a mental health professional or your G P.


On Spotlight is our COS team, headed by Shawn, they a re the cool and collected team who looks after the support coordination and aged care services. So, let's meet the tea m and what do they say?

Why do you love what you do? I love what I do because I really enjoy helping  people and I find the job extremely rewarding. Especially when you are able to assist participants in ways that they are unable to help themselves. - Tony

Working with people who have disabilities is a pa rt of our job, and it's gratifying to be a ble to help them attain their objectives and improve the quality of their lives.

Why you like your team? My team is great because everyone is very friendly, and everybody helps each other all the time. I feel like we are one big unit.

I enjoy going to work because everyone on the Hi Five team is friendly and helpful. - Asiff

What did you learn working with  your team? Working in my team has taught me some great teamwork skills as we all work together to solve problems and share information.

What makes your team awesome? My team is awesome because everybody on the team has good personalities, and they all are very nice people who are passionate about helping people with disabilities.

What fun things your team loves to do? Make people's lives better !

Keeping Connected

What else is better than a Coffee Catch Up to stay connected? Right?! With a bit of some games, introductions, and group photos, it’s the best break from our busy work lives. Last August, Hi Five met up at Wolf on Walton for an a mazing afternoon Coffee catch up.

Hi Five is doing the Coffee Catch up on a monthIy basis to get in touch with our staff and support workers, sha ring our success stories and best practices.

Newsletter October

Never Give Up

Life sometimes throws us difficult situations, and we find ourselves making excuses to find our way out. It is a good thing that there are people in our lives who help us out of these difficult situations, however bi the situation may seem at that time. 

This is so true with the life of Alexandria. She had undergone leukemia surgery and went to a rehab center early in 2022. There, she learned from the rehab center team that she was never going to walk again, as they had completely given up on her.

This may have been a piece of devastating news, but hope is always around the corner. With the recovery plan set by her Physio and with the help of her Support Workers from Hi Five towards her set goals, Alexandria never gave up. 

NDIS Registered Service Provider Melbourne
NDIS Registered Service Provider Melbourne

There are days and times when she needed some encouragement to push harder and needed to be motivated to continue pressing on toward her goal.

But ultimately, it is her hard work and her determination that paved the way toward her goal. In six months, Alexandria went from a wheelchair to walking independently She can now assist herself by going around the house and going to the toilet by herself.

It was a fulfilling journey. Alexandria will continue to work on her goals, and one of which is to be able to attend her little nephew's wedding in June 2023 walking without a walker. Never giving up. 

"I feel very happy and more independent in achieving my goal. I feel more motivated to challenge myself more and more in setting myself new goals for the future" Alexandria Metikas.

What's New?

Hi Five's new eLearning platform. 

Hi Five is 21G when it comes to Quality Service. This means we go BIG in ensuring our support workers are equipped and trained to ensure the quality of service they deliver to their participants. 

Hi Five's eLearning powered by iinduct was launched in September 2022. In less than a month, most of our high-care support workers have already been trained in this platform. Amazing results!

With all our staff training and compliance requirements in one place and can easily be accessed whenever or wherever. This is a real game-changer! 

We are Growing

We welcome 2 new I ii Five team members and they are both geared up and ready to help our participants. 

Meet Asif Khattak 
IT professional turned to pursue his dream, of helping people. This is the highlight of Asifs career. "Since helping people is one of the most furling aspects of my career, I sincerely hope I can continue in this field," Asif said. 

Throughout Asifs life, he never shied away from assisting others. His wife who works in a special school inspired him to go into this field. Asif did a diploma in community services to gain knowledge about the industry and the skills that helped him help others who are not able to help themselves. 

On a personal note, Asif is a family man who loves to spend most of his time with his family. 

NDIS Registered Service Provider Melbourne
NDIS Registered Service Provider Melbourne

Meet Nitisha Barbe 

Meet our newest addition to the Hi Five team. Originally from Mauritius, Nitisha has a big heart when it involves caring for others. After finishing her Australian studies in Nursing in 2009, she immediately fell in love with her role, mainly in Aged Care.

"I feel very happy and blessed by what I do as a job. That is how I got to apply for this job in Hi Five" Nitisha Barbe 
One of Nitisha's happiest moments and best achievements in her life is being a morn to her miracle baby, who is currently 4 years old.

Her dreams are to travel the world with her family and to provide the best future for her son. Being from Mauritius, Nitisha feels very proud to be a Mauritian but at the same time, she is very grateful and proud to call Australia her home too. 

Coffee Catch-Up Corner

Coffee brings you together, brings smiles, encourages chit-chat, and most especially creates new friends. We celebrated anniversaries and birthdays too, so we thank you for a wonderful afternoon. 

To all our Support Workers, we hope to see you at our next coffee catch-ups! Check your Deputy posts for more details. 

My NDIS Corner

What is a Support budget? 

Three types of support budgets may be funded in your NDIS plan: 

1. Core Supports budget 
The basic things you need to live in daily life. This helps you with everyday activities, your current disability-related needs, and to work towards your goals. Your Core Supports budget is the most flexible, and in most cases, you can use your funding across any of the following four support categories.

  • Assistance with daily living, transport allowance, and consumables (for example nutritional products, continence products, and dressing aids).
  • Assistance in daily living support workers, respite care, gardening.
  • Participation - help with community access, activities and recreation, and community participation deg tickets to concerts or sporting events). 

2. Capital Support 
Capital Supports include higher cost pieces of assistive technology, equipment, home or vehicle modifications, and funding for one-off purchases you may need (including Specialist Disability Accommodation).

Assistive technology, for example, wheelchairs, prosthetics 

Home modification - any changes needed in your home to enable independent living, for example, rails, ramps, and doorways. 

3. Capacity Building Support 
Capacity building Supports help build your independence and skills to help you pursue your goals. 

  • Support coordination for providers
  • Improved Living arrangements
  • Increased Social & Community participation
  • Improved Health & Wellbeing 

Talk to one of our Hi Five staff to get more information about your NDIS Plan and Support Budget at 1300 492 214.